Inglewood in Calgary Alberta

In 1911, Colonel James Walker was responsible for naming Inglewood or also known as Brewery Flats, one of the oldest communities in Calgary and mostly well-known as one of Canada’s greatest neighborhoods per Canadian Institute of Planners. Inglewood, a downtown family-friendly neighborhood, is a place full of life with various historic buildings, shops, and remarkable cafes. This vibrant neighborhood is teeming with unique culture and arts with more or less 3,400 residents in the community. It is the home of many talented musicians and artists. Some of the artists decorated the recycling bins around Inglewood to display their creativity. Streets are also bustling with upbeat music and beautiful shops as well as restaurants that offer good food that can fill your stomach. 

The heart of the community surely is the business area which with increase in interest from Inglewood real estate sales, has grown robustly. Its proximity to shops and cafes are one of the reasons why buyers look for real estate in Inglewood. Residential areas are full of food trucks that provide food for residents. The Bow River is located at the West portion of the community as well as Elbow River. Inglewood also has parks and rivers for the residents to enjoy. These give way for residents to enjoy doing  activities such as running and biking. Children also enjoy the pool and playgrounds in the community. A community hall that provides a perfect venue for birthday parties, weddings, and business meetings is available. This community hall also offers dog training, youth soccer, and Zumba classes. In order to reach the center of Calgary, the residents can basically take a ten minute bicycle ride since Inglewood has good routes for walking and transit. Inglewood houses for sale are also affordable compared to other neighborhoods in Calgary. 

Throughout the year, Inglewood facilitates events and festivals such as: The Calgary Fringe Festival, Sunfest, and Night Markets. The top real estate in Inglewood is the Inglewood Golfing and Curling Curb. The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary Zoo, Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery and Inglewood Wildlands Park are worth checking out as well since they are quite significant. Sobow South of the Bow is worth checking out if you are specifically interested in buying a condo unit. These units are also near the 5-acre Pearce Estate Park. It houses a training facility, theatre, and games room.  Besides condo complexes, Inglewood also offers various townhouses, bungalows, brownstones, and luxury homes. In 2019, 31 single family homes were sold with an average price of $623,758 while there were 47 condo sales with an average price of $326,924. Most of these real estate properties are relatively new and were built only a few years back. You don’t need to worry about safety since this neighborhood is a safe community and most of the crimes are vehicle-related theft or vandalism but it is encouraged that one should install a camera since it is an inner-city community. You will have no worries if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life since Inglewood is near the city but far away enough for an escape; for peace and serenity.

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