6 Tips for Making Sure You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent and Save Yourself from Misery

There are real estate agents and agencies everywhere. How do you know which ones are good and which ones are not? Follow these 5 tips to find out more about potential agents.

1. Speak to Previous Clients

Talk with recent clients to find out what their experience was. You can also compare listings that were the same as yours in terms of asking price, selling price, time on the market and location. Not all agents are equal. Kelowna real estate agents at the Denk Team for example sell on average 1.8% higher than the average MLS sale. This is one example.

2. Check Licensing

Find out if the potential Tallahassee real estate agent is registered and licensed. Check for disciplinary issues or problems with the regulatory board.

3. Choose One That Wins Awards

Real estate agents who win awards are the best. Their peers decide who receives awards like ‘Realtor of the Year’. Agents who win these awards can be trusted for good service.

4. Choose One with Credentials

Some real estate agents specialize in certain areas of realty. These agents will have credentials behind their names to indicate where their specialty lies. This will help you find the agent with the right credentials for you. Examples include CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) and ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative).

5. Find Out How Long the Agent Has Been in Business

The longer the real estate agent has been in business, the more his or her knowledge and experience. You want someone who knows the area where your interest lies and who knows the process and navigation for what you want to do.

6. Look at Current Listings

Looking at what the agent currently has listed will help you see how they will represent you. Check online listings and how the properties are presented and advertised. Look at homes that are like the one you are looking to buy or sell and compare prices. You will also be able to see how many listings the agent has and whether they have a healthy business or not.

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